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I'm pleased to offer my talents, skills and experience to select people who are seeking something unique with just the right dominatrix, sensual massage practitioner, and/or sex-positive educator in Seattle. Beginners as well as those who are experienced with receiving sublime, deep pleasure will enjoy an amazing encounter, whether you're seeking something gentle and slowly-paced, or something passionate and powerful. The experience can be tailored to your sensual desires, but I can assure you that if you put yourself in my hands, I will evoke new responses from your senses as well as to heighten arousal from head to toe.
Amy’s Unique Repertoire
Strap-on/Pegging, Ass Play, Prostate Massage:
I get great satisfaction from giving sensual experiences unlike anything you’ve had before and helping you realize that the secret to ultimate erotic delight comes from deep inside. I use a variety of toys and specialized techniques specific to your level of experience. Once you put yourself in my hands, I can help you find the key that turns your lock and introduces you to a whole new world of pleasure, including prostate orgasms.

Sensual BDSM and Erotic Massage for Men, Women, and Other Consenting Adults:
As a Domme, I’m not sadistic but instead I receive genuine pleasure when I lead someone through new and dynamic experiences that enhance their own pleasure. I will engage your submissive side in a nurturing environment where you’ll feel enticed to push new boundaries at a pace comfortable for you.

Couples Coaching and Training:
Couples who are experimenting with spicier activities in the bedroom, or who are seeking an experienced practitioner to guide them in dominance/submission, strap-on, massage or other kinky play can benefit by having personalized instruction. While we have a session together, I can teach from the sidelines and/or be “hands on.”

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