Frequently Asked Questions

I have been fully vaccinated, including the latest booster shots for my own preventive health and for those whom I come in close contact with. I ask the same of those I see in person in my sessions and my scheduling form will ask you to verify that you are vaccinated.

Latex condoms are used on all of my insertable toys and I use nitrile gloves. I’m fastidious about cleanliness and use anti-microbial cleaners on equipment between sessions. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to latex or lubricants, please let me know in advance of our session, so that I may be prepared with alternatives.
Please refer to the guidelines here. If you are a newbie and don't have references, there are other options for screening that helps me know you're on the up-and-up. Please contact me if you have questions or need further guidance. Polite, timely, and sincere communication will get more attention from me. Also, privacy and confidentiality are high priorities for me, just as I'm sure they are for you.
I see men, women and more! This includes those who identify as cisgender, transgender, gender non-binary, gender fluid and other gender diverse folx.
For me, sensual domination is the art of gently and slowly seducing you to submit to my attention and touch, in a variety of way. As you allow yourself to give up control and entrust me to be your Mistress during our time together, you'll find yourself expanding boundaries and experiencing pleasure physically as well as mentally. Since I'm not sadistic, I don't have an inherent need to cause you discomfort or humiliation. Yet, many of my clients have discovered that they enjoy gradually escalating the intensity of BDSM the more they see me, because they trust that I won’t push them beyond the limit of their personal capabilities in that moment.
When we are corresponding to arrange a session date, I will address you respectfully but casually and appreciate you’re doing likewise. The same goes when we have our phone call before our first session. Also, in the first minutes after you arrive we will have an easy-going conversation so that you can get comfortable with me and my space, and so that I can better understand your desires for our time together. Having your tribute ready for me after you arrive is also appreciated. I have a table by the couch where you can place it.

If you have specific activities you want me to do or things you want to do with me, please discuss those in our initial conversation. Then, when our session begins, and we go “In Scene”, that is the time for you to follow my direction and let yourself be under my control. Also, it’s proper to then address me as “Mistress” or Ma’am”.

Interrupting the flow of the session by asking me to do things not previously negotiated or telling me to do things in a different way is considered as “topping from the bottom” (meaning that it seems like you’re trying to take charge). I, like many Dommes, find this disrespectful and it demonstrates a lack of patience and trust for me to facilitate our session so that you will have the best experience.

Please know that I do won’t anything to you without asking you first, including using restraints. Also, I will teach you how to use different safe words so that if you want me to ease up on intensity, you need to take a break or need water, or you’re not enjoying something-- we can pause, re-negotiate, and then return back to our session in play.

The key to having a successful experience with deep pleasure, is being completely relaxed and having a gradual build up to arousal. This allows for circulation to be redirected to specific nerve endings to enhance sensation, while also allowing the muscles to relax and open. Therefore, I find that starting my sessions with a sensual massage is ideal.

Once you’re physically and mentally prepared, I will introduce fingers, small toys and ultimately, my strap-on to evoke those sensations you’ve desired. I have a wide variety of toys of different sizes and types to satisfy beginners as well as those who want “grande” and “venti” sizes. But, if you have your own favorite toys that you’d like to bring, you’re welcome to do so. Additionally, some people are looking to just experience the sensational pleasure, in and of itself, and others want to enhance the encounter by including sensual domination.

Prostate orgasms are different than regular orgasms and are typically achieved with slow and gradual stimulation to the prostate coupled with overall arousal. The sensation is similar to when you are approaching a regular “ejaculatory” orgasm but instead of it continuing to escalate to a climax, it continues in waves of full-body pleasure. One of the fabulous things about prostate orgasms is that they can stop and start again and again, unlike ejaculatory orgasms.

Note: not all men experience prostate orgasms as beginners, as it sometimes it takes a little practice to get comfortable with having fingers or toys being inserted, and to be fully relaxed. But, once you start experiencing this kind of stimulation, and the more you practice, the more pleasurable and intense it can become. Also, some men will also find that having a prostate orgasm combined with an ejaculatory orgasm is out of this world!

Therapeutic prostate massage has benefitted many of my clients, regardless of their desire for domination or erotic attention. Those who have enlarged prostates such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) can experience improvements in urinary frequency and/or discomfort and others can appreciate the prevention of prostatitis and erectile dysfunction.

I encourage you to shower in advance and arrive without wearing cologne. But, if that isn’t feasible (e.g. you’re coming from work), you’re welcome to shower at the start of our session. Please just give me a heads up in advance so that I can have the shower warmed up for you. Also, be sure that you have eaten in the last 3-4 hours. The excitement of a session increases glucose metabolism to your circulatory system. If you don't have anything in your stomach, that can sometimes lead to being lightheaded or other ill feelings that are the opposite of feeling erotic. 

If we are including ass play or strap-on in the session: If you are not practiced in giving yourself an anal douche or enema, I recommend that you NOT do one before our first session. After many years of experience, I’ve found that it can be counterproductive for beginners since it can sometimes result in painful sphincter spasms or delayed leakage issues. If you have concerns or questions about this, please ask! As a professional, I’m experienced with this topic and want you to feel comfortable as well.

However, if you ARE experienced with anal douching or enemas and you are seeking a session with larger toy play/strap-on, then I encourage you to do this a few hours in advance. This will give you time for your rectum and sphincters to relax before our sensual play. For more information, the infographic on this page is very helpful.

Some people are seeking to enhance an encounter with heightened sensations. These could include spanking, flogging, caning, temperature, nibbling, tickling, sharp edges, electricity, soft touch, paddling, punching, squeezing, and more. My style includes gradual warm-up, as well as to include a dynamic delivery between hard and soft. This will keep you more engaged and for some, they will find an endorphin release that leads to a sense of euphoria. Typically I don’t apply enough intensity to leave lasting marks, although you may have a little skin rosiness for a few hours.

If you have considered this type of play but are hesitant because you’re not a “BDSM” kind of person, I would be happy to give you a sampling to see if it whets your appetite for more. Another option to explore is to have a show-and-tell demo session with the toys and equipment in my cabinets to consider for future sessions.

Options for those who are more experienced and/or seek more intensity include temporary piercings with needles, urethral sounds, mummification, trampling, ball busting, and intense paddling/whipping/flogging that leave welts, bruises or other marks. If you have desires for other activities or role play scenarios that aren’t otherwise listed here, please ask and I can let you know what options are possible.
Fabulous! Sensual massage is one of my specialties, in addition to the other services addressed above. My hands are quite talented at touching and massaging you in ways that will fulfill your desire for complete relaxation and release. This is also a unique opportunity to receive pleasurable attention from head to toe, including those erogenous zones that are passed over during regular therapeutic massage. Furthermore, as I’m a Reiki master, I’m adept at channeling energy and enhancing whole-body wellness.

There is no expectation that you have to touch me during a session. In fact, some people come to sessions because they want to enjoy being taken care of and receive all the attention themselves. However, if you want to give me pleasure and are respectfully gentle, I welcome mutual touch during sensual massage sessions, I just ask that you request permission in the moment.

If you are interested in goddess worship or queening, as part of a domination session, that is also possible. When we have our phone call prior to our first appointment we can discuss the possibilities for what can be included.

Many men have had a secret they have never shared with anyone, that they like to wear panties, stockings, or other lingerie. I’m quite delighted when I get to share in that secret. Some men like to arrive with their silky items underneath their regular clothing to surprise me as they undress, whereas others prefer me to dress them from my own boudoir.

I’ve also learned that men have different reasons that they enjoy this type of dress up. For some, it’s the sensuousness of the silky fabrics, others like the taboo or naughtiness, and yet there are also some who want to be a sissy or have their inner girl come out to play. In any case, I thoroughly adore whispering in your ear as I slowly glide my fingers over your silky knickers and feel you shiver with delight.

I'm a trained and experienced hypnotherapist for therapeutic applications and have been able to incorporate it into my erotic sessions quite successfully as well. The options for hypnosis include enhancing a deeper state of relaxation during a sensual massage and magnify pleasure, invoking a completely submissive state and total obedience to me (aka “Hypno-Domme”), and/or utilizing trance and suggestive phrases to help with performance issues such as PE or some forms of ED. Repeated hypnosis sessions can also lead to advanced types of trance to experience sensations just by my suggestions alone.

I am naturally and genuinely any of these personas below:
The C-suite executive sitting across from you in the board room who exudes power over the entire room; The mother of one of your school friends who might just be flirting with you; The governess or teacher who equally nurtures and disciplines you to be obedient; The psychoanalyst who you confess all of your deepest secret fantasies to or who may hypnotize you to manifest some of those fantasies; The older and experienced matriarch who wants to see you in panties and stockings; The scientist who is researching how subjects respond to experiments; and…my favorite! The audience of one who will receive your solo serenade while you perform your musical instrument for me.

The majority of activities and offerings listed on the Secret Dungeon page can be enjoyed by all genders. Also, G-spot play/stimulation can be the area of focus in lieu of where prostates are mentioned. Often, female-identified folks will seek me out as their first professional for exploring erotic desires because they are new to kink/BDSM. Or they wish to pursue sensual pleasures within a secure setting of a female practitioner. People of all sexual orientations are welcome, including those who are in the process of self exploration to define their orientation. Also, I would say most of the women who see me are interested in being the recipient of my attention without any expectation that they have to touch me or interact with me in an erotic way.

Couples who have started to explore power dynamics, such as dominance and submission, and/or would like to enhance their BDSM or strap-on skills can benefit by having personal instruction. I can guide you through the desired activities in a training session while interacting directly with both of you, or I can coach from the sidelines. Another option is to do a “double domination” where I team up with one partner to dominate the other partner.

After you send your introductory email with your interests for a session, we can discuss options that will best align with what you’re each seeking and what I’m able to offer. The Fine Print: Both partners need to be fully engaged in seeking the session with me, as well as to participate in the session. This means no “surprise” sessions or scenes where one partner is only an observer/voyeur.

I can partner with male or female providers (see my “Friends” page ) to offer the ultimate session, whether you seek the unique sensual pleasure of four hands or something more. If you wish to be dominated by me to play out fantasies you’ve long desired with another man or in a 3-way, this is beyond anything you have experienced before. Generally I prefer to have a one-on-one session first with new clients so I can get to know you and your unique responses. But, I will consider duos for first timers (e.g. if you’re traveling here). A deposit may be requested to secure the session appointment.

“Forced Bi” means that I am coercing you to have an erotic encounter with another man (a male provider), while I facilitate what you do to each other. For example, you may want to orally please him while I whisper in your ear on how to do it to my specifications. Or, maybe you want to be spit-roasted by both of us. The specifics of what you will do to him and vice versa are negotiated in advance and sometimes that can be fun dirty talk during a session with me alone, to explore the possibilities. And! another dimension I offer is starting the session with hypnosis so that you are under a trance to carry out my wishes to please another man. All kinds of possibilities to consider ! Note: The coercion is a role-play scene and depictions of rape/assault typically don’t align with my session style.

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